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Side plank crucial for cricketers

I was amused to come across this picture of Monty Panesar the England spin bowler performing a well-formed weighted side plank: Monty was famously inept in the field – both at catching and at throwing in from the out-field.

montysideplank_1038I’m being unfair, he has greatly improved – probably because of effort like this. That side plank will work wonders for his abs and glutes – all contributing to a solid core – and, by setting himself with a bit of torque and using a whipping technique, he will really improve that throwing arm.


Soccer Conditioning Pack

My little boy is getting to that age where I want to move him up from just smacking his little soccer ball past his dad in the living room to looking around for local soccer-tots clubs. If I’m going to keep up with him, ┬áit got me thinking about the perfect workout for playing soccer. I came across the Soccer Conditioning Pack put together by a couple of well-qualified guys. Check it out.